In furtherance of the above objectives, the OFBJP may:

  1. Open local/state chapters in United States of America wherever and whenever needed or possible.
  2. Arrange talks, seminars, symposia, press conferences, public meetings/rallies, internet activities and other programs on issues pertaining to India and Indo - American cooperation and culture.
  3. Publish books, pamphlets, journals, newsletters/papers and use any available print and electronic media including Internet; acquire literature; arrange cultural and social exhibitions, display motion pictures or video programs, and organize musical performances.
  4. Issue appeals to raise funds, and collect money by way of memberships, contributions, grants and any other lawful means or methods.
  5. Use electronic, optical, audio and video media, and computer network to distribute and collect public information.
  6. Engage in any other lawful and/or moral activities.